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Perogon Technologies offers experienced and innovative engineering technical support, along with

service and repairs for vacuum automation applications across industrial, scientific, and medical fields.


Our personnel’s expertise encompasses electrical automation, vacuum mechanics, training, automation

troubleshooting, as well as the installation and commissioning of a diverse range of equipment.

Our problem-solving solutions have earned the satisfaction and praise of numerous companies and research institutions.


 Vacuum equipment from known and reliable companies: Edwards, Atlas Copco, Gardner Denver, Rietschle Thomas.


Automatic PLC-controlled pump starter panels by Perogon Technologies. Electrical and mechanical feedthroughs,

as well as fittings. Electronic and mechanical vacuum gauges, alongside vacuum valves. vacuum switches,

automation controls, and weighing systems. “O” rings and vacuum pump oil.



Perogon Technologies offers on-site vacuum leak testing services.

We specialize in the service and repair of:

– Vacuum pumps
– Central vacuum systems
– Freeze dryers
– Industrial automation controls

We also provide emergency breakdown repair and service throughout Victoria.

 Service Mobile:  04 02 355 405


Office phone:  04 02 355 405

 Office Email: perogon@outlook.com.au      

Perogon Technologies is the trading name of Perogon Pty. Ltd.

A.C.N.:094 025 831   A.B.N.:16 094 025 831