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 Vacuum pumps   :  Gardner Denver (Rietschle-Thomas), Edwards.
 Vacuum gauges   :  Edwards,  MKS, Granville Phillips.
 Vacuum sensors :  Edwards,  MKS, Granville Phillips.
 Leak Detectors   :   Edwards, Adixen, Varian.
 Vacuum fittings   :  NW16, NW25 & NW40 Clamps “O” rings &   
                                  Centering rings  Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
High vac. Pump Oil: Edwards Ultra 15, Edwards Ultra 19    (1, 5, 20 lit).
Diffusion pump Oil : Edwards Santovac 5, Edwards Sil. 702     ( 50cc). 
Freeze Dryers Silicone: Oil 5,10,20 Cs  Dow Corning (200 lit minimum).
Vacuum switches :   Bailey & Mackey 1308V.


Perogon Technologies engineering skills in industrial electronics and  vacuum applications are among the best in the country.

Our experience in design & service spans more than 40 years.

Some of the equipment we have designed include:

· Automatic Vacuum Helium Leak Detectors and Leak decay testers.

· Automatic Vacuum Freeze dryers, Vacuum Coating Units.

· Automatic controls for Vacuum pumping systems. Electronic and mechanical vacuum gauges and switches.

Our customers range from: universities, to research organizations, medical clinics, hospitals, many large and small companies in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


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We design and manufacture Automatic Pump Control Panels, suitable for:

Industrial, Commercial, Medical and Hospital applications. We also develop and manufacture Electronic Control Panels, Vacuum gauges controllers and digital displays to suit any type of sensor. Automatic Leak testers.

2 Pumps Automatic

    Control Panel

3 Pumps Automatic

    Control Panel

 2 Setpoints Perogon   Digital Vacuum Controller

A.C.N.:     094 025 831

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Manual and or automatic systems Automatic Pump Control Panels, for Commercial, Medical and Hospital installations to AS 2686 by all manufacturers.

We support all Dynavac manufactured equipment: FD1, FD3, FD6, FD12, FD300, FD450, FD600, FD1000, CS300, Dynatorr, TM8, Vactest, TMH & ST2 heads.